Antiviral mask

Surgical masks are a tool used to protect against infection and limit the spread of many types of diseases. Used not only by doctors, but also by medical staff and people in contact with a large number of people. They can be used by employees of offices, educational institutions or shops. If we want to achieve the highest effectiveness of protection, anti-virus masks should be replaced preferably every three hours. Antivirus masks with an additional degree of protection are very often used for medical purposes. There are 3-layer protective masks and 4-layer protective masks. These personal protection products have been manufactured from modern materials, ensuring high comfort of use. They do not disturb breathing, protect against viruses. Some models have been fitted with a special anti-fog layer that is designed to prevent fogging of the glasses.

Surgical mask

Special disposable masks have been created for surgeons and medical staff to be used during surgical procedures. This product was made of 4 layers, and one of them protects against the ingress of biological fluids. During the production of masks, a high-quality non-woven fabric is used, which has a special filter that provides increased antibacterial properties. Disposable masks have been equipped with an elastic nose clip, thanks to which they can perfectly match the face, we can easily adjust the right size, while ensuring the best protection of the respiratory tract. For very sensitive skin, disposable masks made of a delicate hypoallergenic material that does not cause irritation are recommended. It is very important that the surgical mask is made of high quality non-woven materials, with a high-performance filter. It must be close to the face and have two catches.

Antiviral mask

Antivirus masks are made of multi-layered materials
are hypoallergenic, do not cause irritation and allergic reactions
have special filters with elements with bactericidal properties
they prevent infection with drip-borne diseases and infections
efficiency at around 98 percent
they also retain particles and heavy metals in the air
How does a protective mask work?

Surgery mask

medical staff against all infections transmitted by patients
patients against infections that are transmitted by medical staff
against pollution of the operating field
in everyday life, against infections and viruses, but also air pollution
during work, before inhaling airborne pollutants (protective masks are used in many industries, e.g. construction)

Medical face mask

They are mainly used in medicine, beauty salons and SPA, as well as in dentistry and the food industry. They are used wherever special sanitary conditions must be observed. When you need solid, and most importantly, comfortable protective equipment that is used throughout the work day. Products made of 3 layers perfectly protect the wearer of the mask against the ingress of viruses and bacteria, without hindering the free exchange of air. Medical masks are comfortable, you can easily breathe, talk and move in them, they are also not hot. Three-layer medical masks are used by medical staff during procedures that involve the risk of infection, and when examining patients. They are worn by doctors, nurses and surgeons during operations that are not associated with the risk of body fluids. Surgical masks can be purchased in many colors (green, white, blue, pink). Staff must change surgical masks every three hours to ensure good protection.

Surgical face mask

The four-layer surgical mask is a waterproof product that protects against contact with the patient’s biological fluids. It was equipped not only with a filter, but also with a hydrophobic material that protects against the ingress of biological fluids. This product is used by surgeons when there is a risk of body fluid splash during surgery (e.g. band surgery). It is also used by people infected with HIV and employees of medical institutions with an increased infection rate. This surgical mask is equipped in infectious wards, laboratories and tuberculosis outpatient clinics.

Disposable face mask

Wearing a surgical mask is a very simple and not too expensive way to fight airborne viruses. This tool is a popular way of personal protection used all over the world. Medical mask made of dense nonwoven fabric prevents the penetration of harmful bacteria and microorganisms into the respiratory tract. Investment in a modern mask model will avoid discomfort when wearing it, as it will adapt to the anatomical shape of the face. The well-developed shape of the mask is responsible for fitting the skin without creating gaps in the nose or cheeks. Antivirus masks guarantee high wearing comfort due to the silk content of the fabric. It is responsible for pleasant skin contact. Elastic ear hooks are also friendly to our skin, they do not hurt even during prolonged use. These products also prove to be effective when a person may have an allergic reaction to the presence of any airborne pollutants. An effective filter does not cause breathing disturbance or discomfort. It retains 98 percent of harmful substances, pollen, viruses, fine airborne dust. It is worth remembering that the level of pollution in large agglomerations is huge and it becomes a real threat to the health of every inhabitant. To ensure your own safety, it’s a good idea to invest in personal protection tools, i.e. face masks.

Protective masks

Bacteria, viruses and smog attack us every day. The harmful particles floating in the air cannot be seen by the naked eye, but they harm us by settling on our lungs. The consequences of this are all sorts of diseases, starting with common colds, ending with deadly cancer. Unfortunately, these types of diseases are very fatal and it is difficult to treat them. We can, however, prevent illness to some extent by using face masks that minimize the amount of bacteria, viruses and dust entering our respiratory system. The surgical mask also protects our entire environment, it is the simplest and cheapest solution that helps eliminate the risk of infection in many areas of life. Protective masks can be bought properly at any pharmacy, they are not too expensive, but highly effective.